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Name:George Taylor
Birthdate:Aug 28
Location:New Zealand

Interests (200):

'67 impala, 80s, alan rickman, alanis morissette, aliens, aliens vs predator, american horror story, angel, animals, anthropology, antiquity, arcade fire, archaeology, art, arthur/merlin, asperger's, asperger's syndrome, atheism, autism, backstreet boys, banned books, beetlejuice, being human(uk), benny and joon, bill kaulitz, blondie, bobby singer, bones, books, bookstores, caffeine, cigarettes after sex, classical music, coffee, corpse bride, creativity, crossovers, crows, custom graphics, dead poets society, demisexuality, dexter, diabetes, doctor who, domestic abuse, domestic violence, eating disorders, echo & the bunnymen, edward scissorhands, eighties, empath, erotic photography, erotica, fan fiction, fanfiction, fantasy, female to male, fiction, firefly, fleetwood mac, ftm, fundamentalism, gaming, gay, gay rights, geeks, german, germany, ghostbusters, gifs, girl interrupted, grammar, graphic design, graphics, graphics design, haim, halloween, hannibal, hanson, harry potter, haunted houses, hauntings, horrors, house, html, icon making, icons, internet, jack kerouac, kaulitz twins, las vegas, latin, lgbt, lgbt rights, liberalism, long distance relationships, lord of the rings, lost, lyric writing, mental illness, merlin, mgmt, misfits, mumford & sons, muse, music, ncis, neon, neopets, new zealand, nihilism, once upon a time, online friends, open-minded, ouat, parenthood, people-watching, philosophy, photography, photoshop, piercings, pirates of the caribbean, poetry, possession, practical magic, prose, psychiatry, psychology, pulp fiction, queen of the damned, reading, retro, retro style, rock & roll, role playing games, role-playing, roleplay, rosaries, roswell, rp, rpg, sailormoon, sarcasm, science fiction, shakespeare, sherlock, sherlock bbc, sherlock holmes, slash fic, social anxiety, social philosophy, sociology, sociopath, space, star trek, star wars, starbucks, stargate, stargate atlantis, stephen king, supernatural, survivor, synesthesia, teen wolf, tegan and sara, the 1975, the big bang theory, the breakfast club, the craft, the fast and the furious, the fifth element, the goonies, the japanese house, the l word, the secret circle, the sims, the smiths, the weepies, the x-files, thinking, thirty seconds to mars, tinted windows, tokio hotel, trans, transgender, transman, travel, true blood, truth, unpopular opinions, used books, video games, volunteer, wave, web design, werewolves, wicca, wolves, writing,
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